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Related post: Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 06:41:36 -0700 (PDT) From: don mumford Subject: REDHEADED TOBY, HIS PEE, AND ME by Donny Mumford REDHEADED TOBY, HIS PEE, AND ME By Donny MumfordI knew Toby Hobbs when we were both preteens living next door to one another on North Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts. North Street is down by the old abandoned textile mills along the Merrimack River. My old man got a job through a buddy pre teen quizes he knew from his Army days and we moved away when Toby and I were eleven years old... I cried that day while Toby looked puzzled. My father's new job was in Cleveland, Ohio working in a steel mill. It wasn't a lot fun for me in Cleveland, but I'm not blaming the city for that. It's an OK city with two major league sports teams, the Indians of MLB fame and the NBA Cavaliers. hot petite preteen Also, the Rock & Roll hall of fame is in Cleveland as well as one of the great lakes, Lake Erie... so there's stuff there. The city's about sixty miles west of the Pennsylvania border which isn't too far from where my mother lives with her new husband and her new son... not that my old man or me visited her. None of those things was why I didn't have much fun there, the reason I didn't like living among the 475,000 Cleveland residents is that none of the 475,000 residents was Toby, he still lived in Lawrence. From age eight or nine I had this "thing" for Toby. I didn't know what it was back then, but now I think it's that I'm sexually attracted to him. It seems as if I've always been attracted to him and it isn't at all clear to me why that is. This is especially relevant to me now because my father and me just moved back to Lawrence today, a block from where we lived seven years ago... wonder if I'll still have a thing for Toby now that we're older. underage pregnat preteens Toby and me both live on North Street again, but now I'm a block closer to North Andover than he is... not that anyone gives much of a shit about that.First thing I did after helping the old man preteen nudes camp unload our U-Haul was walk down to Toby's house. He lives in the same rotting wooden house he lived in when I left, it's still attached to another rotting wooden house and looks very much like it did the last time I was here. I knocked on the door and his father answered, a scary looking but surprisingly quiet spoken man. Mr Hobbs has very pale skin and dirty-blond hair that reaches to his shoulders... his face is thick looking with eyes too closely spaced with a bony nose that's marked by enlarged pores... below his nose are thin pale-pink lips. A handmade silver earring as big as a half dollar still hung from his left earlobe and a tattoo of a snake on his forehead still appears to be slithering into his hairline. He said, as if he'd seen me just yesterday, "Hello, Billy... you grew-up good. When did ya get back ta Lawrence?" Mr Hobbs did some time pantyhose preteen xxx in an Alabama prison for armed robbery, while there he picked up the weight-lifting habit and he's still a big lifter at age fifty, it showed in his chest and tattooed biceps... like I said, his appearance is a bit scary. I told him I'd just unloaded our furniture from the nude chunky preteens U-Haul ten minutes ago, been in town about an hour and a half. He nodded his head and says, "Come right down to see Toby, did ya?" I nodded my head "yes" and he goes, "Well, he ain't here at the moment, but he'll be back shortly... he's up ta Sal's Pizza getting our dinner. Ya wanna wait inside?" Actually I didn't so I topless preteen pix made up a lie and told him I just wanted to say "Hi" to Toby real quick like, that my old man and me are shortly going out to dinner ourselves. Mr Hobbs says, "Whatever." I smiled too hard and turned to go, but turned back around quickly when he asked "Did ya stay in school?" I say, "Yeah, of course... didn't Toby?" He goes, "Un-huh, he did. You'll both be in twelfth grade together, won't that be fun for you. Toby was on the honor role last year ya know, takes after his mother that way... may she rest in peace." I'm nodding my head and smiling too hard again while backing away, this time mumbling, "Nice to see you again, Mr Hobbs"... he's always made me uncomfortable.I sensed him watching me as I walked preteen erotic nude down the cracked and broken sidewalk, not that that necessarily means anything bad... a little creepy, that's all Our new home isn't rotting like Toby's, but it's no palace either... it's one of six attached units that are advertised here as condos but are called row-homes in Cleveland. The steel mill work dried up on account of the economy so we're back here where there's construction work for my father... investors are renovating some of the old brick mills to lease for businesses and condos. Uncle Charles, my old man's brother, is a foreman working with a big three year construction contract so he'll set-up my father, work-wise, for at least that long. I'll graduate next year preteens in playboy from high school and my plan is to join the Army like the old man did, Iraq be damned. After leaving Mr Hobbs, I'd only walked half way back to my place when preteen models india an old faded blue Toyota pulls over next to me with Toby's driving. He says, "Is that you, Billy Sullivan?" I nod my head "yes", and say, "Hi, Toby". He asked the same couple of things his father asked me and I told him the same things I told his father. Then he goes, "So you're back for good, huh? You gonna follow me around like you always used to do?" I blushed at his directness and said, "We were little kids, Toby". Toby's wearing the same haircut he had the last preteen adolescent gallery time I saw him. He's got the same burr-cut orange-red hair that fades out to whitish-blond near his ears, were it was cut the shortest. His eyebrows and eyelashes are almost white... he was squinting his blue-green eyes because of they're sensitivity to light. Extremely fair-skinned face with many freckles... brownish freckles low on his forehead, all around his eyes, across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose... a sprinkling around his mouth. His pug nose and full lips looked sexy to me now... maybe they did when I was eleven but I didn't realize it back then. He has light colored peach fuzz on his upper lip and some beneath each of his sideburns, peach fuzz that he's apparently yet to shave. People might dismiss him because of his freckles, hard preteen models but his facial features are pure. In my opinion Toby is very good looking in spite of those two handicaps of being a redhead with freckles. When he was much younger he had glow-in-the-dark orange hair which he was extremely self-conscious of. I was his only friend back preteen extreme girls then.His question about me following him around shouldn't have taken me by surprise, but it did... I'd forgotten his directness. He says, "Yeah, we were young then, but we ain't young now... are ya still going to follow me around?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Sure, I like following you around." He smiled nicely showing very white, pretty teeth, and said, "Good" but didn't respond verbally after that. He's always been very calm... not shy, calm. He'll say anything to anybody whenever he feels like it, but at the same time he can also go quite a long time without saying anything. Well, that's what he used to do anyway, I don't know about now. Silence never appeared to make him feel awkward, but it did me and it still does so when he just sat in the car looking at me without saying anything I filled in the void with a streamline of talk explaining why we moved back and how I felt about Cleveland and blah, blah, blah. Finally he interrupted to say, "I'm glad you're back Billy, I gotta get this pizza home though so Daddy can have his supper... he's working nights at a nightclub in Roslindale as a bouncer." I go, "Oh, a bouncer, huh? I'm sorry to keep ya... yeah, the pizza will get cold." Toby stared at me for another ten seconds, then said "Come down to visit right after you eat your supper... we still live in the same house" and he drove slowly down the block to park in front of his house... I stared at him as he walked up on the porch and in his front door. I know he knew I was staring at him but he never looked back at me. From half a block away it was hard to tell exactly how tall he'd grown to be, but I could see he was still very slim. He was wearing a T-shirt so his arms were bare and when he sat in the car to talked he'd twisted himself around to lean both his thin arms on the open window sill of the car and rested his chin on them, every so often he'd smell the back of his wrist, or he'd rub his nose against the top of his hairless, pale-skinned, freckled forearm. It made me want to smell his arm too. My dick was hard by the time he left. Oh yeah, I'm gay. I say I'm gay although I've never done anything with another boy to validate that assumption, just ogled the barely-legal gay boy's watching them diddle each other on the Internet, usually getting blisters on the palms of my hands from jerking off... that's one of my major clues that I'm gay by the way.Back in Cleveland I almost made it with a boy named Cory, coincidentally another redhead. I'm pretty sure he's gay because he had this thing last year at sex girls preteen school where he'd tell me something specific that he liked about the way I looked first thing everyday in homeroom. Cory, while being very average looking himself, was fixated on my appearance. He'd tell me I was the best looking boy in the junior class and then give an example of why that was so. Of course the first time he said that to me I thought there would be an insulting punch line, but instead he simple winked, then scrunched-up his face. Oh OK, I admit it... he's a little creepy, but I was desperate for a fuck buddy so I tolerated his geekiness in hopes we'd model preteen hot get into some gay sex, but we never did. He said I was the perfect height for a boy which is total bullshit because preteen girls softcore I'm only five-foot nine-inches tall, three inches shorter than Cory and six feet tall is a much better height than five foot, nine inches. One day he'd tell me he liked my light brown wavy hair and then he'd run his fingers through it, then next day he'd say he liked my dark blue eyes and stare exaggeratedly into my eyes, then he'd admire my straight nose, and so on until it finally did get annoying, and a little embarrassing too. It prompted me to ask him right out, "Are you gay, Cory?" He goes, "Gay? Don't go homo on me Billy, I'm just wanking with ya". He purposely chose a word like wanking, which is another word for jerking-off obviously, he said wanking instead of "messing with you" or something like that... I didn't know what to make of him. One morning, near the end of the school year, his observation about my appearance that day was, "Sullivan, you have the creamiest complexion of any boy I've ever seen". You see, again with the double entendre... "creamiest". I just shook my head and asked, "Do you want to blow me, because I'll let ya if you do." He said, "Don't be ridiculous" with the emphasis on "dick" when he said ridiculous. It went like that all the time.Cory was tall and skinny like Toby, but not tough at all... he was constantly being picked-on by a long line of bullies. Particularly the obnoxious group preteen vagina issues of in-crowd bullies who called him "ginger" because of his red hair preteens college photos and freckles, or occasionally he was referred to as "the carrot cake kid"... poor Cory. In case you don't know, "ginger" is a reference from the TV adult cartoon, South Park. Cory's pathetic reaction to being mocked was familiar to me, he'd scrunch up his nose and squint through slits in his eyelids. It brought his freckles closer together somehow and made him look otherworldly which only increased the taunting. Of course Cory's red hair and freckles made me think of Toby which is another reasons I put up with his weirdness. He had the same very fair skin as Toby and kids used to say, "Ginger, did ya get your SPF 100 sun block yet? I hear it's gonna be sunny today." Kids can be cruel. After school let out for the summer I'd run into Cory at the Mall once a week or so, he was always alone and I'd talk with him for awhile. He always touched me on the arm or shoulder or felt my indian preteens gallery hair gothic preteen slut when we talked, and he always complimented me about my looks. Early in the summer I got a short nude bald preteens haircut and he raved about it and the next week his was cut the same way... it was like that with everything. Every time we met I'd ask him at least once to blow me and every time he'd brush it off as a joke. I even offered to suck his dick... with the same negative result. The week before leaving Cleveland I told Cory I was moving and he cried right there in the Mall, cute preteen stars like I had cried when we moved away from preteen russian art Toby... blubbering cry. Like I said... weird, but still I felt bad for him and hugged him while he cried. Wonder how he's doing.Anyway, my father and me had take-out Chinese for dinner tinight. After eating I brushed my teeth and gargled before walking down to Toby's place. He was on the front porch smoking a cigarette. When I gay preteen model came up the step to the porch he stood and we shook hands. Now I could see that he's two inches taller than me with a lanky frame. I noticed his freckled hands were big, his freckled arms skinny with knobby elbows. He was wearing cargo shorts displaying his knobby knees too... no hair on his thin pale legs. Why am I so enthralled with him? Don't know, but I am. "Want a beer?" he asked, I said "no thank you" and he held out his pack of Winstons asking if I wanted a cigarette. I didn't, but I took one anyway... quitting smoking was my New Year's resolution but I wanted to make Toby feel comfortable with me. Hell, I wanted him to like me is what I wanted. He didn't say anything so I said, "Your old man said you were on the honor roll last year". He blows out a long exhale of smoke through a small "O" he made with his lips... then, rubbing his nose against the back of his wrist, he says, "Don't call Daddy 'my old man', call him 'your Daddy' or 'Mr Hobbs'..." I say, "I'm sorry, your Daddy told me you were on the honor roll last year." He says, "Yeah, it was easy. You?" I laugh and go, "Me on the honor roll, not likely but I got a lot of B's and some C's, that's about it." We did the question and answer thing for awhile ... did ya play any sports, did ya get in trouble with the police, ya doing any drugs, do ya got a girlfriend, did ya ever have a girlfriend, ya got your own car...etc etc The answer to all the questions was "No" for me. Toby answered "No" to everything except the girlfriend question, the one about drugs, and the car one... he'd just broken- up with a girl, he female nude preteen owned that shit-box Toyota, and he's done cocaine and he's smoked pot too. I go, "Huh." He tells me Terry Quintin is the name of the girl he'd just broken up with. "Do you remember her, Billy? She was in third grade with us... always smelled like Juicy Fruit gum." I shook my head "no" and tried exhaling smoke the way Toby had done it a minute ago. He described Terry as, "a chubby girl now with nasty preteen nymphette a blond ponytail who puts out, she's promiscuous, you know?". That answer surprised me, not because I thought Toby was gay but because I didn't think he'd ever turn-out be the hot-to-trot stud kind of guy. He never socialized with anyone when I knew him, of course just because he wasn't outgoing at eleven years old don't mean he can't be outgoing at eighteen. I asked, "What's it feel like to fuck?" He mumbles, "It feels good".When Toby got his second beer I caved in and had one with him. We smoked his cigarettes and drank his beer until dark. I did much of the talking, Toby young preteens butt always seemed interested in what I was saying though. He laughs easier than I remember him doing and he was definitely comfortable being himself. Eventually he did get around to telling a few stories, mostly about him and the girl he went with prior to the one he just broke-up with. The previous girl was a bit of a slut too apparently, and crazy wild too. The few adventures Toby shared with me were pretty outlandish involving shoplifting, cocaine, and Crown Royal, which he explained is a brand of whiskey. I already knew that. The girl was two years older than Toby, he showed me a picture of the two of them at some outdoor picnic. It was a sunny day in the picture, Toby had on wraparound sunglasses... the girl wasn't wearing sunglasses and she was wearing a top either... she had big fat tits nonnude preteens with huge nipples and Toby had a hand under each holding them up. Actually she wasn't bad looking except for free preteens movies a tattoo of a rat chasing it's tail around her belly preteen hot bodys button and a cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth that caused her to squint one eyes avoiding the cigarette's smoke. Toby laughed when he saw my expression as I looked at the picture, he says "She has an enormous clitoris too" and then cracked open his third beer. I know that a clitoris is something to do with the female anatomy, but not precisely what. Toby took a topless preteens photos big slug from the beer can, burped and says, "That's part of her twat" I go, "Oh yeah, a big one, huh?" We talked about her twat for awhile and then Toby got a joint that we shared. I was dizzy when I cracked open my second beer, Tody says... "OK, you're gonna have another beer and that's cool, but before you get drunk let's settle something, Billy. I'm gonna let you suck my cock, but you gotta do something for me too." He was looking me right in the preteen bbs toplists eyes when he said that, I blinked rapidly about six times not believing my ears. He'd preteens twat pics said it in the same tone of voice he used to ask if I wanted a cigarette. I was speechless for maybe the first time in my life. You hear guys say "I was speechless" but, come on... it's just a figure of speech, except for me right this second it wasn't, I actually couldn't form a word, I was literally speechless. In the same manner he added, "No sense in playing games, is there? Life's too short, we're both eighteen, we're adults... well, according to the law we're adults, anyway. You've preteen models cgi been staring at me the same way I remember you stared at me seven years ago so I know you're hot for me... young american preteens that's OK, I'm not gay but I got nothing against a guy who wants to blow me, ya know? And I like leggy pre teen you, so there's that too, but first ya gotta do something I like."While he was giving his speech, what I was thinking about was how Cory from Cleveland couldn't make himself say yes when I offered to let him blow me, or even offered to blow him, things he so obviously wanted, but for some reason he simply couldn't allow himself to say "yes"... do I see myself as another Cory? No I don't, but ya know, it is hard saying "yes". Instead I go, "Whaddaya mean..? Suck your dick?" He took a swallow of beer and nodded his head, then said, "Yeah... suck me off, preteen forbidden underground but ya gotta do something for me first before I'll let you suck it". Like he was doing me a favor, I go "Are you stoned or something ... what's in that pot, cocaine?" He's like, "No, it's good shit, but it's just regular grass, no additives or anything." He's talking conversationally like this is the most routine conversation in the world. My head was spinning but I realized that finally here's and opening, it's my chance for my first gay sex... assuming I don't pussy out. So, before I could think myself out of it, I said "OK... what do you want me to do?" He rubs his hands together smiling, "I know you're gonna think this is kinda weird, Billy... ahh, well it's simple... I want to take a piss on your hand. Ya know, a minor water sport deal." I just stared at him with my mouth slightly open, moving my lips the tinest bit but not saying anything, he goes "It's kinky, a urine fetish... that's all. It's not gay! ... and piss is harmless, it's sterilized for fuck sake! ... no big deal. Whaddya say?" Speechless again... this time Toby smiled and musses my hair saying, "You're gonna do it, I know you are, so why pretend to think about it?" I muttered, "Sure Toby, what's a little piss among friends, but truth is I've never blown anyone... I don't even know how to do it." He took both my earlobes between his thumbs and index fingers rubbing them as he asked, "But you do want to suck my cock, don'tcha?" I shook my head "yes" scrunching my face up like Cory used to do... am I turning into Cory, for Christ's sakes? Toby patted my cheek and standing up he rubs his nose with the back of his wrist four or five times making me think of him smelling his arm this afternoon. I'm still seated looking up at him as he wiggles his finger like, "follow me" and says, "Good, this'll be fun... come on in the bathroom... I gotta piss bad" and he walks inside the house without looking back, knowing I'll follow. Do I run for home or show some guts, grow a pair of balls? Scrunching my face again, I tried to imitate Cory's voice when saying, "I'm coming, Toby" then I chuckle, just entertaining preteen tiny angels myself. Going in the front door I think... good thing I had the pot or I probably wouldn't have the balls to do this.The rotting wooden house on the outside turns immaculate inside, so was the bathroom... it shined... this is a new twist as I don't preteen porn torrents remember it being so neat in the past. I go, "Jesus, this is the cleanest house I've ever been in" He's unzipping his cargo shorts as he says, "Daddy and I became sticklers for cleanliness, we try to out-clean each other, isn't that the craziest thing you ever heard of" and he does a very natural, easy-going laugh like "nothing unusual going on here" and maybe for him it wasn't unusual, I don't know. I mean, he thinks cleaning is the craziest thing when in a minute or so he's going to take a pee on my hand. Toby whips it out and I go, "Whoa..." This is the first time I've ever seen his dick and he's packing a lot of meat in his shorts. Long, fat cock, maybe twice the weight of my penis and it made me feel like a little kid for a second. He nods his head toward the toilet and says, "Lift the lid Billy... then hold your hand level with the rim to guide my piss into the bowl." I hesitant and he says, "I'm not gonna nag you, either you'll do it or you won't" he didn't say it in a demanding way, just his normal everyday conversational voice. I did a big sigh then leaned over to open the lid and held my hand in the center of the opening for the toilet bowl, slightly above the rim... Toby goes, "That's good, don't worry if my piss splatters around some, I'll clean it up" and the piss slit at the head of that seven-plus inch penis expanded allowing a pale yellow steam to leave his bladder and splatter against my hand. "Open your hand, Billy... spread your fingers" I did and he directed his hot piss on each finger and then the palm and then my wrist, and then the yellow stream progressed up my forearm... the pee was splattering all over the toilet, the floor, and me. He let out a wheezy breath as the pee stream went back down my forearm to the palm of my hand again and then shut off. A quick piss considering all that beer, it only lola preteen girls lasted about twenty seconds and the cut off was like a facet that closed, my arm was soaked with pee, the pee spray had splattered my T-shirt and shorts... gross. Toby's face was flushed when he grunted out, "Kneel down right here, Billy". I thought, oh fuck, it's finally going to happen... I'm going to finally have a boy's penis in my mouth... here goes nothing, and with pee dripping off my arm I knelt down beside Toby. When he turned toward me I saw that his dick had already firmed-up a lot and was standing away from his preteen ass 11yo fly... the so-called water sports obviously illegle preteens aroused him.I was committed so I took a big breath and looked up at Toby, he sounded a little out of breath himself but used a pleasant enough voice, saying, "Take hold of my dick and guide it into your mouth... cover your teeth with your lips first." I did what he said while announcing play-by-play to myself, in my head... this is the very first time you've touched another boy's penis, this is the first time you've tasted a penis, any penis, this is the first time you've smelled another boy's pubic hair and stuff like that. By the way, I'd tried tasting my own dick but never came close to touching my tongue to it even though I pulled a muscle in my back trying... I was about fifteen at the time. Toby's dick had actually felt heavy when I guided it onto my tongue, "Close your lips over it Billy so I can finish my pee" and before I realized what he'd said he was holding my head tightly between his hands peeing into my mouth with pee rolling down my throat. I choked and swallowed and choked again... it was a strong pee stream and tasted just like pee smells. The pee was running out the sides of my mouth and down my chin to my neck and on down to wet my T-shirt. I couldn't get my bearings, totally disorientated, then hiccuped pee up my sinuses and out my nose. The pee began running slower, I stopped struggling and let it finish... it finally petered out, as the saying goes. Toby was taking deep breaths now holding my head in place with a fistful of my hair. I swallowed the last few drops, as he took three more deep breaths and then quietly said, "You did great, Billy... now you can suck my cock, but you gotta swallow my cum too, OK?" I nodded my head, totally resigned to my fate. Actually, this is my reward, not my fate. It was hard to get into sucking his hard cock because I was still blowing pee out of my nose, trying to get the rest of his piss out of my sinuses. After a bit I settled into sucking and licking that big cock of his, Toby rubbing my head and giving casual suggestions. I tasted my first precum ever after about five minutes and a couple minutes later Toby began grunting and thrusting his hips, almost like fake preteen models he was fucking my mouth... the fat head of his cock pounding the back of my throat. He began gasping, his face red and without thinking about it, without suspecting it, I felt my own climax coming on fast and then I shot this huge load of cum into my pants... I climaxed before he did. Didn't beat him by much though, the whimpering sounds from my throat were soon silenced by a large blast of creamy teen cum from Toby's cock, then another, and another. I couldn't swallow it all and some drooled out the sides of my mouth to roll down my chin joining the piss there, and some on search preteen pics my neck too. Toby had that fistful of my hair again, he was jerking my head back and forth as his hips thrusts in time with my bobbing extreem young preteen head... his nuts were soon empty and everything came to a slow stop. His cum didn't register with hot preteen nymphet my taste buds, taste-wise it was neutral... maybe the urine paralyzed my ability to taste subtle flavors."Oh my God...." Toby moaned as he kicked the toilet seat cover down and plopped down on it, his dick flopping around in his fly. He kept a handful of my hair preteens series nymphets sorta keeping me on my knees next to him. "Holy shit, Billy... that was awesome. You say you never sucked cock nude pictures preteens before? You're a fucking natural then, oh man. Girls don't know how to do it, they don't get into it like you gay guys do". I don't know whether to say "thank you" or what so I just smiled. He takes another big breath and laughs, "I never expected tonight to rock like this, man... glad you're back, Billy! Shit!" He's still chuckling xxx preteen sites as he stands up and faces me, "Finish up now, Billy... suck my cock clean and we'll grab another beer". I frowned, but then put his softening cock back in my mouth to suck and lick all the cum remnants clean. When I pulled his cock out of my mouth this time I grinned and held it up for his inspection. He unsnaps his shorts then, takes his dick from me and pulled down his jockey underwear saying, "Ya know what... since you're down there already, you might as well lick my big balls too... I really like the preteen skirt model feel of that and girls simply will not do it. Get em' slippery with spit." His full bush was bright orange, the exact color his hair used to be as a little kid and his scrotum was pretty much covered in those fine red hairs. He says, "Ya went this far, Billy... why not finish up... whaddya think?". He said it in the nicest way so I leaned in closer to his crotch smelling that strong body smell again wondering if that arm of his that he's always smelling smells like this. It wasn't unpleasant, just strong. Toby cupped the back of my head and gently pulled my head against his groin till my face was pressed in tightly, my nose erotic little preteen buried in his bush, "Get used to the smell, Billy... if I can't find me another girlfriend you'll be down there a lot". He wasn't rough in doing this, just firm... I left my face there and you preteens topless sites know what, I did like preteen women his odor, so I inhaled deeply. He heard me take in the breath as he goes, "Good, boy, Billy... one more black ebony preteens big sniff" and I did another inhale, it was an erotic animal smell and it got my dick moving in my wet underwear. Toby's got another fistful of my hair as he goes, "OK, that's enough... now suck my nuts" I started by licking them until the orange hairs were matted flat against his scrotum, then I had a struggle opening my mouth wide enough to get the biggest nut in, but I managed. All the time Toby's got that tight fistful of hair pulling on it just enough to get my attention, as he mutters "That's nice... ohhh, good... more tongue" He sprung another boner after about ten minutes of me licking and humming his balls and decided he wanted that boner sucked off too which I did for maybe fifteen minutes webcams of preteens before getting another spurt of cum from his nuts... the last ten minutes I was rubbing my new boner through my pants, but never quite climaxed a second time.I'd been on my knees for the better part of a half hour by the time Toby got a hand under each of my armpits and helped me up. While he was getting his dick back in his pants and zippering-up he's saying, "That might be the best blowjob I've ever had, Billy... and I'm not BSing you either". This time I did say, "Thanks, Toby... it was fun." He helped me wash the pee off my arm and neck and rubbed at the pee spots on my T-shirt. Then I watched him while he spent ten minutes cleaning the bathroom with disinfectant Clorox spray and half a roll of paper towels which went into the trash, then he preteen panty midels took the trash out, and finally we went out to sit on the porch again. We drank beer and smoked while discussing the activities of the last forty-five minutes. We talked about it as if we were discussing a TV show we'd just watched... totally matter of fact, and in a serious way. He told me he needed to apologize for misleading me about the water sports, the golden stream down my throat specifically, but said he wanted me to experience the whole thing because I might be his only sexual outlet for awhile. He further explained that if I expected him to allow me to suck his cock I need to know that the pee-play will always come first. He told me he noticed I'd schoolgirl model preteen climaxed before he did and wanted to know if I felt it coming on. preteen russian forum I told him I hadn't expected it, but of course the sensations involved in climax can't be ignored so I was aware of impending climax about thirty seconds before firing off, and it was an excellent load of spunk too. Toby laughed at that and said, "Jesus, only thirty seconds... that did come on ya fast. Felt awesome for ya , did it? I bet that cum load don't feel so good in your shorts right now though, all cooled off and all" and he laughed again in a good natured preteen cp 100s way, rubbing my head like I was his puppy dog.He was interested in my analysis of my first cock sucking and as I gave my impressions to him I surprised myself a little by how much I had enjoyed doing it, even sucking his balls... actually, swallowing his cum had been extremely sexy to me. The fact that I liked the experience so much shouldn't really have been a surprise to me because, after all, I've had this thing for Toby for so many years and finally my fantasy had come true. Believe me, I'm well aware how wildly strange tonight has been, but none-the-less I feel preteen school naked calm and comfortable with everything. Toby said, "Well, how long have you known you're queer?" He was sincerely interested so I told him I've known it for forever, but this is my first experience doing anything about it. Conversationally he says, "Well, you'll obviously be wanting to do it again." Just like that, it's so odd the way he can say things directly, things that most people would hem and haw about. I thought about it for about five virgin preteen nn seconds and said, "Definitely". We made plans to meet tomorrow when Toby got home from his summer job. He's the life guard for the Merrimack valley YMCA... the lifeguard for the pool inside the building. He works from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon so that means I'm looking forward to tomorrow at around three-oh-five p.m.... ha ha.We called it a night shortly after agreeing to meet tomorrow. I went home and had a long, hot shower with plenty of soap suds and plenty of rinsing... then dried off, brushed my teeth and took one more pee. I'm peeing for both of us so it's not surprising I need to pee twice as much as I used to, but I don't really want to think too much about that aspect of tonight's activities just yet. preteen small tiny Instead I lay in bed thinking about things, little by little. I thought first about Toby... the boy Toby. He's sexy to me, but why is that? I thought about it for awhile, his looks, his voice, his hair, his body... nothing special, except I'm attracted to his appearance for some reason and it's eerily like my Cleveland friend Cory was with me and my appearance. Oh hell, I don't know... Toby just turns me on so I'll leave it at that for now. It isn't exactly like a crush, it may be strictly sexual, or mostly sexual... well, on the other hand, I do like him as a friend though, so there's that... and maybe it is a crush I have on him after all. I couldn't preteen xxx sluts allow myself to be peed on ls preteen pussies or suck his cock if I didn't like him. Now that's an interesting revelation for myself to discover... I'd never thought about that aspect of gay sex before. I need to like the boy to have sex with him, hmmmm? preteen actress galleries Now, how about the kinky water works... it does nothing sexually for me although obviously it's a hot stimulant for Toby. Can I tolerate it though? I don't mind things a little on the raunchy side, except this is a lot on the raunchy side. But, even so, I can definitely stand it, for one thing it only last a minute or so and urine is actually sterile... anyway, I kinda liked the idea of having both Toby's pee and his cum in my stomach. I'll pee it out for you Toby.. Ha! I spent the next half hour thinking about how I, step by step, went about blowing Toby. I thought about his penis, how it tasted and how it felt on my tongue, between my lips, at the inside of my cheeks and the back of my throat. My conclusion was... I like having his cock in my mouth. If I had one wish it would be that it was a little bit smaller so it didn't stretch my lips so much. I'm neutral about the orange pubes and hairy scrotum, but the penis I'm quite taken with. The cum, spunk, sperm... whatever you choose to call it... count me in with that. That was my favorite part, swallowing Toby's cum. So, yes... I like sucking Toby's cock even if it does require I drink his piss. Time for sleep though... as I was going to sleep I thought "OK Billy, you're finally a gay boy... preteen water sports as a fact, not just as a theory".Next morning I was in a good mood, I felt cool, liberated. I felt like a hot-shit for being gutsy enough to finally try something gay with another boy. I've never been upset about being born gay, I never felt there was anything wrong with it and I don't think there's anything wrong with having sex with Toby either, even if part of it is kinky. His sexuality is not clear to me, but mine is and always has been. After breakfast my old man and me went to the job site and connected with Uncle Charles. It was a nice reunion with some manly hugs and hand shakes. More coffee as Uncle laid out the job responsibilities for my father and assigned me a gofer position working with the non-union carpenters on the site. I reported to a middle aged man named Merv, a burly, cheerful, busted-faced guy with a shaven head. He was wearing jeans so old that they looked like paper and a T-shirt that read "Matthews Solocam, Catch us if You Can", whatever that means. He told me they only need a gofer through lunch five days a week so my part-time job goes from seven-thirty in the morning until one in the afternoon. I start tomorrow. My old man starts at seven-thirty a.m. too so I'll get a ride in with him and walk the three miles home when I'm done for the day. All and all, I'm feeling better about myself than I have in years. Back at the house I anxiously waited for three o'clock to roll around, wanting another go with Toby real bad. Around three-thirty I saw him drive by my house in that shit-box Toyota of his... he had a girl with him riding shotgun. Hmmm, he's got another girlfriend already? ... that's wicked disappointing. I sauntered down to his place trying to be cool about it and saw the two of them go inside. Isn't his father home? What do I feel? Surely I'm not jealous, I'm feeling something though... it's probably just a touch of pissed-off-ness. OK, back home I go and kill the afternoon with one of my old favorite past-times... teen-boy porn, barely legal. Ya know what... it was hotter than ever now that I've done some gay sex myself. I jerked off about five o'clock and the old man showed up about six with cheese-steaks for dinner.After dinner I got preteen fashion gallery all cleaned up and walked down to Toby's again... his car was gone. I walked down every half hour until ten o'clock then went to bed angry, mad at him for standing me up. We had a date, well not a date but we agreed to meet this afternoon and he didn't keep his promise. The job next morning turned out to be a piece of cake... it included tips in addition to minimum wage. Running errands for coffee or cigarettes, driving a pickup to get lumber, or boxes of those nails on a sheet that go into a nail gun. And a lot of just hanging around doing nothing except ragging with the guys. The carpenter were all good guys so this was OK, except I was getting horny for Toby. After work today, same thing as yesterday... me looking out the window for Toby and then there he goes by the house, alone this time. Damn, I'm excited but I make myself calm down and give him time to settle in after work. All I can force myself to wait is fifteen minutes though and I'm walking kind of fast to his place... to hell with acting cool. I don't even need to get all the way to the house to see his car's gone again. What the fucks going on? I went up and knocked on his door anyway and his old man, I mean his Daddy, answered again. "Oh, hi there, Billy. Have ya hooked up with Toby yet, son?" I go, "Oh yeah, I saw him the other night. Guess he's not here, huh?" "No, no... Toby's on the run most of the time, God knows what all he's up to. I'll tell em' you were by to see him. Course ya photos preteen makeup can come in a wait with me if ya want ta...". I nod my head "no" mumbling something about leaving the garden hose water running, backing away too fast, down and off the porch.Back up to my house I go, head down, hands in my pockets playing with myself. I don't have any friends here now, the few kids I knew in the neighborhood when I was eleven have moved away, all but Toby. I've got no ride so I'm stuck at home. When school starts maybe I'll make a friend or two then. The whole week went like topless preteen free that and then on the weekend my old man and Toby's Daddy were home so no chance to do some sex even if I did catch Toby at home. Finally, on my forth walk down to his house Sunday afternoon, I caught up with him... he was washing that shit-box car. Making sure I didn't whine I asked "Where the fuck ya been, Toby? Ya kinda stood me up on those plans we made." He was effusive with apologies, sounded very sincere too. A female co-worker's car broke down and he helped her out, then he got lucky and hooked-up with the girl he's been hound-dogging for weeks and they've been getting it on pretty hot and heavy ever since, "This bitch was so stuck-up, Billy... I didn't preteen transexuals think I'd have a chance, but I persevered and she reluctantly agreed to go out for some Burger King fare and we hit it off. She makes the weirdest sound when she cums."Trying not to be desperate, I go "Sounds hot. Oh, by the way... you candid sexy preteen and me gonna try messing around again sometime?" He goes, "Well, not now that I kinda got the tail on board again, ya know. When I ain't got a lady-fuck, you'll be my first guy off the bench, OK?" I didn't want to but I find myself whining like Cory, "Toooobieee, you got me all cranked-up last week, can't you fit me in too? You can do the peeing on me and all... I'm cool with that." pedo preteen nudist He looks at me chewing on his bottom lip as photos upskirt preteens he's directing a stream of water from the garden hose rinsing the soapy foam off the car. He holds the hose about level with his dick directing the stream, almost like he's pissing on the car. Taking a deep breath he says, "Look Billy, I'll make you a deal because I like you. You go for the full-blown naked golden shower and I'll let you blow me, AND I'll fuck you. How bout that... now that's a good deal for you, and for me too. For you because you're a queer and you got the hots for me... and it's a good deal for me cause I've never had anyone to do the full-blown naked golden shower with. I preteens boy naked sure preteen underwear modeling as hell ain't paying someone to do it" and he did that easy laugh of his again. He can say these outlandish things like we're planning to go to the movies. I say, "Does naked golden shower mean you pee on me naked?" Turning off the water he says, "I don't get naked, you do." As he carefully coils the garden hose in a neat circle of hose I go, "OK, when can we do it?" He says, "Right now, Daddy's working some private affair they got at the club. Come on in." Now I'm fidgety and nervous about doing it... and he'd said he's going to fuck me too, didn't he?... oooh, that might hurt, but blew preteen girl I've seen it done many times on my PC and the guys like it. OK, try thinking positively about things ... I do that fairly easily and it incest pictures ''preteen''forumblognews turns my nervousness into excitement. Yeah, but still I wish I had time to savor the idea of getting fucked up my ass, this is so quick. I follow Toby inside and he tells me we gotta drink a couple of beers first so I'll we'll both have lots of piss to pee. We drank the beers on his porch, again smoking cigarettes as we talked about high school. Toby telling me what I could expect, the boys red preteen good, the bad, and the ugly. It was so casual and matter of fact you'd think we were waiting for a Red Sox game to start.After two beers, Toby says "Go on inside now Billy and get undressed in the bathroom... then sit in the bathtub. I'm gonna get another beer to bring with me." This is definitely weird but fuck it, I want a little gay sex and unfortunately my partner here has this damn urine fetish... I'm going along for the ride with that because preteens vintage nude I don't have a choice. Wish I found the urine play even slightly sexy, but no luck there. Feeling silly I get naked and sit in the tub, there isn't any way to be cool about this... my situation is what it is, so I do what I need to. Toby comes in paying no particular attention to my nakedness. He's preteen virgin boy got a can of beer, his pack of cigarettes and an ashtray. "Do you mind if I smoke during sex, Billy? It's another thing that fires me up. My last girlfriend hated it, one of the reasons we split actually". What could I say except, "No problem, Toby. Um, ah... the fucking part, do you use a condom?" He lights a cigarette and mutters, "Course I do, you think I'm suicidal? Some of my girls might qualify as a tad skanky." It suddenly occurred to me, how does he attract all these girls? Then I thought about me being attracted to him so I guess some girls heaven portal preteen are maybe intrigued by the same thing I am although I don't even know what that is. He pulls down his zipper, exhales a lot of smoke, and says. "Put you head back and try to catch my piss stream in your mouth when I guide it there, OK?" I nod, really feeling stupid now... out comes his pee in a fat stream. erotic photography preteens Hot and hard and smelling like it should... like a beer piss. He saturates my hair with piss, then my preteen show pussy face... my eyes tightly shut while my mouth's open wide. Toby fills my mouth so that I need to swallow a large mouthful of his piss then the stream's directed down my chest, past preteens tits nudist my belly, and finally it's all over my own cock and balls... my penis shrivels up some making it look even smaller, especially when compared to his. I've always thought my nuts were too small but my cock is almost five inches, so not too bad unless it's shriveled like now. Toby doesn't appear interested in my dick shriveled, or otherwise... he exhales another lungful of smoke and says, "Get on all four now Billy, and you pee too... just let it roll out". When I get on my hands and knees he directs the stream right on my asshole and I find myself tightening my buttock. "Pee" photos preteen girls he says, and I do. Mine is a strong beer piss too, one that shoots straight down in the tub splattering at the bottom onto my thighs. He quietly says, "Do that tightening with thailand girls preteen your asshole when I'm fucking you too, I like a really tight hole." For some dumb reason I say, "OK, Toby, I will." as my piss rolls down the drain in a steady stream.His pee stream lasted almost a minute in total, I was soaked with piss by then. Some piss rolled out of my wet hair and burned my eyes and, as I sat in our piss, Toby hands me a small towels to wipe my eyes. While I'm doing that he rolls a condom on his large boner. I hadn't even seen him spring his boner but obviously the naked golden shower had him highly aroused. Now I noticed red circles of color on each of his cheeks and he was breathing hard. "Get on you hands and knees again, Billy. That's it, now back your asshole over to the edge near me and raise up a bit." When I did my nose was right in front of the soap dish, they use Dial soap... so do we, duh! Toby had a hold of my hips pulling me against the inside of the tub so that now I was crouching more nasty little preteen than anything... almost sitting on the edge of the bathtub, my hands supporting me on the opposite side of the tub. Toby was kneeling outside the tub positioning me so my hole was up and exposed, totally available to him. His wood-hard boner poked my ass a number of times during that process and finally satisfied that I was where he wanted me he lit another cigarette and said, "Don't scream Billy, the neighbors are right on the other side of that wall... I thought, "Scream...?" His boner poked me again, it felt like a fat wooden broom handle. Cigarette smoke surrounded my head making me sneeze, but mostly preteen yellow pantie I was nervous about him pushing that boner up my ass. I tried to relax in a cloud of smoke as he grabbed my hips and without any hesitation pushed his cock up my ass. I screamed, Toby leaned on my back and covered my mouth tightly with his hand. I'm struggling and he's pulling my head back, my neck stretching backwards, while he continued pushing that monstrosity further up inside me. He's hissing, "It'll stop hurting very soon, Billy" Then he let go of my mouth, me just groaning in pain now, Toby holding me in place with his hands back at my hips, big hands with long fingers gripped around my waist, the middle finger of each hand almost touched either side of my nuts, his thumbs asian preteens video maybe six inches apart on my back. Pushing, pushing that hard pole inside me preteen preteen nonude until I felt his pubic hairs tickling my buttocks, one last lurch and he mutters, "Touchdown" and a chuckle, then "You OK, Billy? That wasn't too bad was it, man?"There was a lot preteen magazine sex of pressure on my hands holding me up, naked preteen girlss my feet are in a puddle of piss, piss drying on my body, my face, my hair... I was seeing stars and dots before my eyes from the penetration and basically I was convinced this is the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life. I said, "It hurt a little, Toby... but I'm OK." He's like, "Good boy, Billy. I'm gonna give ya what you want... the girls want a good fucking and that's what you want too. I'm gonna fuck you the same way I fuck them." Then he laughed took a drag off his cigarette and muttered, "Well, not the same exact way, but you know what I mean... heh heh" As he was talking, the worst of the hurt began abating and continue abating quickly. Toby waited about fifteen second before retracted that big dick of his slowly, slowly, slowly.... then all the way back up my ass till his pubes tickled again and then that last extra hump against my buttocks. His condum had a lot of lube and this time it did feel good. It was a bizarre very full feeling back there, a stiff very full feeling, but kinda good too... knowing his boner was inside my body gave me little electric shocks that exploded in my balls and I wanted to stroke my hardening cock but didn't dare let go of the side of the tub. Talking while exhaling cigarette smoke, he goes "Nice ass for a boy, Billy. I cornhole the girls too ya know, they don't like it much but they go alone sometimes although I never preteens porn photo nn preteen ass force em' to do anything they don't want to... I'm kind of a push-over like that?" I can hear him swallowing his beer so I crane my neck to look back and there he is as relaxed and casual as if we were playing cards. He'd let go of my hips, his cock all the way up my ass, to grab his beer and get the burning cigarette from the ashtray... beer in one hand, naked preteen toplist cigarette in the other, and his cock up my ass. "How's it feeling now, Billy?" He sounded sincerely interested so I mumbled, "Good, Toby..." He laughed that light laugh and said, "Figured you'd like it pretty much, but don't you be following me all around town asking me to fuck ya... Jeez, remember the way you followed me everywhere when we were little?" I nod my head while thinking, "Fuck me, Toby... fuck me" It was a really hot, itchy kinda feeling in my hole, so different from any feeling I've ever had... I really, really like it and I think I'm getting a bigger crush on Toby with each sex act we try. To intensify the sensations in my hole I clamped all the muscles in my rectum and buttocks and belly tightly... ooooh, it feels good. And that's what Toby says too, "That feels good, Billy... keep doing that", he put preteen mature gallery the beer down, blew out a large exhale of smoke, grabbed my hips again, and began fucking my ass steady, and a bit roughly too.. my cock got harder than it's ever gotten before. I was making squealing noises as his big fat condom encases rod plowed up my hole with me pushing back against the side of the bathtub trying to get it up there further.Cigarette smoke floating in the air, my body rocking around in the tub, spit drooling down my chin, my hands and feet slipping in the piss.... oh my God this is so hot! Finished his cigarette Toby began smacking my bare ass as he fucked my hole. The loud slapping sound echoed model cute preteen in the tile bathroom with Toby grunting after each slap, my balls ached with the load of cum that had built up. I concentrated on holding back the climax as best I could because I wanted to continue experiencing the greatest feeling I've ever felt. The head of my cock was swollen and dripping, my boner so hard the skin was on the verge of splitting... then, too soon, I knew I couldn't hold it back any longer. Cum streamed out from my dick, streamed straight across to splatter off the same side of the tub I was holding onto, then it drooled down to join a small pool of piss underneath me, then another short string of fast moving cum, and another as I'm making a high pitched whistling sound, my entire body shuddering and shaking, shivers all around my nuts and the base of my cock, my eyes rapidly blinking... aaah, what a fabulous climax. Then Toby goes, "Holy shit... I'm cumming!" and he climaxed into the condom whacking my ass for all he was worth. Those were some serious smacks and were beginning to really sting but Toby soon let up with the spanking as he came down from his climax... blowing lots of air out his nose, he goes "Awesome asshole ya got here, Billy... that rocked, man! Hot!" and he pulled out saying, "Turn around and get your reward, buddy" he pulled the condom off nubile preteen schoolgirls exposing his large piece of hard meat, "Suck the cum off my tool, clean him up..." I bumped my elbow on the porcelain tub turning around, but ignored the pain and, on my knees in the piss/cum mixture, got his cock in my mouth to suck it clean. He lit another cigarette as I sucked and licked his cock. Toby smoked happily, a cute smile on his lips as I blew him for all I was worth... after a good five minutes he said, "Let it loose, Billy... I gotta pee a little more now..." He pissed in my face with enough getting in my mouth that I needed to swallow twice before he was done. "Beer don't stay with ya very long, does it?" he mumbled as he put his cock back in my mouth for more cleaning. Another minute was all it took, he pulled out of my mouth, zipped up his fly and, reaching over me, turned on the water, saying "Take a nice shower and I'll see you on the porch afterward, OK Billy?" I go, "Oh, yeah... good idea." I took a hot shower while reliving that excellent fuck. My hole felt wide open as I was drying off but not nearly as open as when Toby first pulled that fat boner out of me... it was a weird feeling alright. Man, I loved getting fucked... the pissing part preteenz gallery is a bit of a bitch, but gay sex in general is awesome.On the porch after my shower I had a little bit of an uncomfortable notion... it was like my crush on Toby is escalating clip preteens dramatically and I wanted to hug him or even kiss him... show him some affection. Instead I said, "That was better than I even imagined it could be, Toby... thanks, you're kinda like my hero or something, ya know? He goes, "Yeah, I know. I was fucking this boy last summer who got really attached to me" he's doing his light laugh again, then goes on "It was so bad I had to cut him off and Holy Shit!, he's throwing himself at my feet... embarrassing. Don't you get like that, OK?" I say, "I'll try not to, but I can see how he might have, you know... ah, falling for you I guess is what happened." He says, "He didn't understand that I'm straight, not queer... no offense, but I much prefer fucking girls. When there aren't any girls around there always seems to be boys like yourself hanging around me with the needy look in their eyes, like you're looking at me right now as a matter of fact" and he's laughing again squeezing the back of my neck. What the fuck is it about him that has me acting like a girl experiencing her first puppy love?? Toby says, "It's like this, Billy. I've always liked you and I'll try to accommodate you when I can because you're willing to do the piss works for me... that cranks me up totally. Next time I want to piss up your ass, by the way... that being said, I don't want you knocking on my door every day, you dig? And you're gonna need to buy the condoms from now on" he handed me the wrapper from the one he used on me "These are the ones I like, they're kinda expensive but they're the ones I want... and bring a pack of Winston cigarettes with you each time too, OK?" I go, "Ya want the Winston one-hundreds or the regular size?" He goes, "I prefer the regular, but if they only got the one hundreds, get them." I go, "Sure... Tomorrow?" He laughed his light laugh...In bed that night I thought, "It's fun being a cum slut... this is gonna be my best summer ever...." and I fantasized that someday Toby and I could maybe make-out a little too.... wouldn't that be something!The EndDonny Mumford
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